Dinner at Sunway Ayam Penyet A-P

Went to church and decided to got to Ayam Penyet A-P at Sunway. Saw it on kyspeaks that they serve Terung Penyet (Brinjal). And I LOVE brinjal. Grandma suggested Murni, but at that time, 7pm after church, there would just be TOO many people.

When we first entered, there was only one customer. So i was a little hesitant, but dear said we might as well since we were already there.

The prices were reasonable. Not as pricey as the Waroeng penyet at curve. And they had more varieties.

The food took a while to come, but came all at once.

Indonesian Tea with milk Dear ordered some Indonesian Tea with milk. Tasted similar to Teh Tarik, as sweet, but more Gao.. I didn’t order any drinks cos wanted to save my stomach for FOOD!

We ordered two types of brinjals

brinjalBrinjals topped with chilli sauce

Grandpa loved this chilli sauce. Not spicy though it looks spicy. So yummy. RM3.50

brinjal and rendangTerung penyet and rendang daging behind

This brinjals were my fav. Though they were fried, they’re not as oily as the ones at Waroeng Penyet, curve. And The dishes came with a piece of tofu and tempe, kangkung, a piece of cucumber and a triangular shaped cabbage..

The beef rendang was tasty, but very tough. I don’t think Grandpa could chew it. I had to swallow it cos of it’s toughness. But it tasted good.

Tepung and chilli

I asked for extra crispy Topping. Yummy! It’s different than the ones at Waroeng Penyet. It had no curry powder/tumeric added. And Waroeng doesn’t give you anymore.. 😦 And below is the chilli which is super spicy. I nearly died cos of the spicyness!!lol.

Ayam penyetAyam Penyet

Otherwise known as flattened chicken, we ordered it after we realised that the waitress didn’t jot it down. Same with the Gado Gado. The Flattened chicken is nice. Crispy, and i think they took the skin off. I ate quite abit cos everyone else was full. Grandma and dear didn’t really like it. Grandma said Waroeng’s was better and dear said it was too salty. I thought it was alright..

SDC10173Tofu and Tempe

This was quite nice. RM2.50. But wouldn’t have ordered it if i had remembered that they normally would serve it with the dishes itself.

soto ayamSoto Ayam

Grandma ordered soto ayam, for which dear at all cos she as usual didn’t eat what she ordered. It was quite nice. But small.. Grandpa ordered Oxtail soup which he really loved. But he needed them to reheat it. Other than that, he really enjoyed it.

The bill came up to about RM50.30 including the Emping grandma bought. Emping was alright but had insufficient peanuts.

P/S: There were much more customers when we left..:)

Price: 8/10 | Food: 7/10 * | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 6/10

* The beed was disappointing, but everything else surpassed expectations

ataran Mentari , Sunway)
No.17 Jalan PJS 8/17 , Petaling Jaya , Selangor (New Shoplot facing LDP Highway & in front of Tasty Pot Steamboat).


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