The clinic wasn’t open again, so i can’t get the flu jab.. means i can go for blood donation tomorrow though..

Ate the lunch dear chose for me at the mixed rice near my house..

Had an egg, brinjal, and some green vege. But i think the oiliness of the egg made everything else super oily..


Poured some dark soy sauce after trying the vege cos it wasn’t salty enough for me.. :p I know saltiness causes future high BP, but currently, i have low BP. so it’s a good opposite effect right? hehe.

Munched on some other stuff after lunch though. Ate a couple of nuts, some broad beans and sak kei ma! And dear’s offer of some pieces of pringles.. šŸ™‚ It’s been ages since i ate it.. so addictive.. but thanks to dear… can control cos he’s good at that!pringlesSorry for not rotating again! šŸ™‚

After watching some tv and doing what i cant remember.. i had some coffee and a PB cookie i made ages ago.Needed fuel cos i was planning to do my running since i think most probably i won’t be on mon and tues.

coffee and PB cookieOff to my run!!



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