My colleague, or rather, the lady who works in the room next to mine is so kind. She’s been seeing me work in such a crappy room with so much rubbish and a strange round table.

So just now, she made my room all better. Now it actually looks like an office! Sadly, i’m only going to be here for around another month.

Had some snack. Temptations of my trail mix got the best of me. i think i’m gonna finish it.. Drank a can of the Alla Fonte prebiotic promeganate drink in my office from the pantry. Only worth 3 cal.

Promegenate flavour

“Prebiotic products have the ability to make the environment of the human gut more amenable to healthy bacteria, and also contain beneficial bacteria that are already found in the human gut. These prebiotic products have garnered increasing attention from the public in recent years, and at the same time, most prebiotic drinks have been featured in the dairy category — but not in the fruit category.”

Quoted from Natural News

Dear just called telling me my gramps insist that they take away some “economy mixed rice” for lunch for me. I really dislike take-aways, especially mixed rice because the food becomes all cold and gross.. Anyway, i’m sure i’ll have some bread and give Max the leftover. I’m sure he’ll thank me for it! šŸ™‚

I want food!
I want food!

I just finished my trail mix..and my bosses went in for some i wonder if i can leave early.. wonder how dear is doing with gramps too..hehe


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