Awoke later, sleepier

My goodness, I woke up later than i normally do, and i’m sleepier. Woke up at 7.30 am. Didn’t run cos was sleeping with dear. May plan to run when i reach home later.

Reheated the chicken pie for dear. smelled good..

Made meself some cereal with milk topped with sunflower seed butter. Yumms…

cereal w sunflower seed buttaAnd a usual cuppa with leftover milk. My cuppa can never taste the same though.. It’s always different.. but it always wakes me up! COFFEENote to self: Get a coffee machine when start to earn money.

Had a bite of dear’s chicken pie..the pastry part at least.. not bad even though i reheated. Put it in the microwave for a bit, and then in the regular oven to get it crispy on the outside. (Sorry, didn’t take a pic of it.. )

After work gonna head to the clinic to get the flu jab. The death toll is really rising.. Getting a bit worried and hesitant to go to Lagoon on Mon. We’ll see..

Ta for now..


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