Dinner at Kayu

Surprisingly, taking into account the jam, i arrived church just as the church bells rang.

After mass, dear checked my car. He helped me adjust the kangaroo bar! Yay. Now it doesn’t look obvious and i don’t think gramps will notice. Thanks dear!

Headed of to Kayu Nasi Kandar at Aman Suria, it was either Kayu/Bao Bao. So i decided on kayu (The undecisive me actually made a decision!)

I ordered a chicken soup (Sup Ayam), Grampa and dear got Nasi Gorend Pattaya, and Gandma ordered a Roti Tisu. Yumm.

The Fried Rice came first. Didn’t get a pic though. Then the Roti  Tisu (RM5). Roti TisuLook closely behind and you can spot the Pattaya Fried Rice (RM 7.50 each), which is basically slightly spicy fried rice wrapped aroung the egg. Had quite alot of grampa’s egg and a few spoonfuls of rice. I couldn’t resist the egg..

Grampa couldn’t stand the spicy-ness, so he and granma was busy with the Roti Tisu. Kayu’s Roti Tisu is one of a kind. I think it’s minimum 2 feet tall..or maybe 3…Nice and crispy…and with condensed milk. However, it’s no diet-friendly dish.. It was oily… But it had been ages since i ate.. So i kinda ate more than i should have..

My Soup took a pretty long time to come. Had to remind them.

chicken soupThe soup was nice. Onion-ish.. And quite spicy.. could be the pepper + onions. I liked it though. Dear didn’t. But the chicken breast was kinda tough. I think they put the cooked chicken breast into the bowl, and poured the soup over. Not as much chicken to be worth RM 4.50.

Overall, i feel that it’s not as good as expected. Roti Tisu was good. But not the rest. I think they’re still better known for the chapati. Chapatis are good here.

Oh, and i stayed healthy by only drinking water and took the foam off dear’s susu tarik (Milk).

Would i come back here? yes..but not for the soup..

Food: 7/10 * | Price: 5.5/10 | Ambience: 6/10 | Service: 6/10

* Roti Tisu saved them

Kayu Nasi Kandar (Aman Suria branch)


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