Butterscotch bread

I nearly wanted to NOT run this morning. Was uber sleepy.. Don’t know why.. I think cos i sleep at 11 something and wake at 5.20. Sigh… Efforts to stay healthy.

Ate my usual “biskut pintar”..the cheong hoong ones (2 pieces).. forgot to bring my card reader to upload the pics. The one below is from the site.

Cheong Hoong plaited biscuitsWent back to bed and got up at 6.20 ish. Started my workout, did abit of weights this time.

Was deciding whether to eat the chicken pie i got from O’Briens yesterday.. Then i thought it would be to calorific. And also,Β i was supposed to be fasting to day due to day of Assumption. But i know i can’t last long, so i decided to eat small meals. I did fast once, felt so lethargic.

Anyway, so i had the end part of the butterscotch Gardenia bread Akak Jack bought for us. The ends of breads are my fav part cos i love how the skin goes crispy when you toast it.

Butterscotch breadI got it a bit burnt though.. 😦 but still so nice smelling and tasty! I think it would really taste good on its own (as the jingle goes..lol).. but i slabbed on some sunflower seed butter for some protein and some apricot spread. This is the first time in ages since i ate white bread. But i just couldn’t resist this time. It’s so yummy!!

It’s sweet all on its own and toasting it makes it even better. πŸ™‚

Also had my cup of joe with 1/4 cup skim milk. Ended the meal with the good ol’ prune.

And one piece of PB Fairhaven candy

SDC10144Sorry.. forgot to rotate it.

Anyway, i’ve munched on some of my daily trail mix stash i bring to work. In order to limit myself, i bring small amounts daily. πŸ™‚

Going to Starbucks for lunch cos i plan to only get either a frapp or regular cuppa… Supposed to stick to tiny meals.

Can read at Borders at the same time. Yippee!

Ta for now!

P.S.: I snapped Max before i left.

MaxIsh..i keep on forgetting to rotate! sorry…Anyway, he’s still such a cutie right! πŸ™‚


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