An accident and a Crispy popiah

I went to Tesco, and was looking for a parking. Found one. Then when i was turning in, there was a myvi in the lot beside mine. I think my front grill got hooked onto some part of the MyVi. I knew i was too close, then i reversed.
When i reversed, my front kangaroo bar got stuck. I didn’t know and reversed further, now my kangaroo bar is bent. I felt bad for the MyVi at first, cos there was another Malay couple at the “scene” and they checked on the MyVi. Zero damage for the myvi. But i still felt bad, BEFORE i found out my kangaroo bar was bent. Which was only when i left Tesco!!!!
I can’t believe i was walking around feeling guilty for the MyVi when it was MY car which was damaged.. I’m so gonna face the music from my grandparents.. đŸ˜¦

Anyway, i actually thought of going to Borders, but ended up buying a crispy popiah and a Starbucks Coffee Jelly Frapp.. I know i was only planning to buy the Starbucks drink, but i ended up buying the popiah.. Now i feel bad cos i was supposed to have a “small” meal. Well, this is kinda small rite?

Now u see it

Now u see it

Was drinking my frapp while walking around, and as expected, i finished it before i even got back to office.

Now u don't

Now u don't

Anyway, i don’t know why i kept on feeling like i was in a rush. I know that my boss won’t be back till at LEAST 2.30pm. Yet, i felt like i still had to be back early. So i decided to bring my popiah back to office to eat. Walked about Tesco to buy some stuff, i.e. prunes and raisins. Didn’t but rice for Grandma though. Just felt like i was in a rush.

But, i came back early. I reached at 1.40 pm, i think the earliest so far for me coming back.

Ate my crispy popiah (Sister’s crispy popiah at Ikano RM3).. Not so crispy anymore.. Regret bringing it back. I think today is just not going so well for me..

Sister's crispy popiahTaste-wise alright. But not so crispy anymore.. sigh.. i still think the night market one is more worth it. Night Market :RM1.80, Sister’s : RM3

Few lessons learnt today:

  • Don’t rush. Take your time. It’s not like my boss comes back early anyway.
  • Don’t take away a crispy popiah.
  • The kangaroo bar is not so helpful after all. it gets hooked onto things..

To the myVi owner, i’m sorry if i damaged your car. But i highly doubted it. Looks like it damaged mine..

Oh..and i caught a reflection of myself in the glass of my office…OMG…my arms are bigger….Not in a muscle-y way..but in a fat way..

Must stop gobbling food.. I should seriously think about stopping my trail mix.

I hope noone’s having a day as bad as mine..



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