The other half, and much more

Since it’s Thursday, i went to pasar malam! and i had already bought the lentils for the soup (which i think i’ll only make on tuesday, i hope the veg will last).

Bought a couple of things. Of course, my all-time fav Mat toh yau, with sweet potato (orange), red beans, “atapci” otherwise known as palm fruit if i’ve not mistaken, and lotus seeds. Its so great cos we can choose whatever ingredients we want. Though i’ve seen it at a few places, i somehow only get the chance to buy on Thursday’s pasar malam.

Also bought Sat Kei Ma (Honeycomb biscuit). Sampled it before buying. This time, it was sweeter than the last time, so i was sure Granma will like it. RM 4.00 for fresh Sat Kei Ma! It’s fresh i think cos the lady was cutting it there itself.

Honeycomb biscuits (Chinese)

Also bought some plums, the oval shaped ones. RM10

Came home, caught in a bit of a jam at first. Sampled the Sat Kei Ma again in the car. (Naughty me)

Dinner was going to be my other half of the lovely O’brien’s sandwich. Other halfThough i heated it up, the chicken crisps were’nt crispy anymore… boo hoo.. But it still tasted yummy! Fresh is better, but this comes second. 🙂

Cross section

Cross section

Also had my mat tou yau.. Mat toh yauLook at the abundance of ingredients (“liu”). This is one of the very, or most important aspects of a “tong sui” or sweet soup dessert for me. It must have loads of ingredients or liu to chew and bite (eat). So delish. All my fav ingredients. I get to say no to the ones i don’t like. It’s quite a cooling drink i guess. I asked for a less sweet version though. It was still pretty sweet, can’t imagine if i didn’t tell the guy.

SDC10143Then ended my meal with two prunes.

And tried the sugar plum cos it was cut open already (by accident)

plumSee the cut? So i thought i should eat it before it gets rotten. Sweet, but not as sweet as the ones dear once bought for me. Kinda felt cheated by the seller though. Most of the plums were already soft, meaning i can’t keep for long and have to put in the fridge.

Also had some peanuts and cashewnuts (my home-made trail mix consisting of peanuts and cashews :p). Had been munching on the ones i brought to work. Finished before my lunch.. Hehe.. I just love them too much. My day would feel incomplete without them.

T’was too tempting not to take the stash located on the coffee table. Took some broad beans too. They’re beans right? So not as fattening as nuts i suppose? Any opinion?

Anyway, i’m calling it a night as far as food goes. Have too… DIET!!!! Sigh

I’m gonna go do something productive.. maybe watch tv. Haha… Fine.. maybe bathe.. then watch tv! We’ll see, maybe i’ll finally decide to clean my room.

Anyway, G’nite!

Ta for now!

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