Shiang Hee

Last night, had dinner with dear and grandparents. We ate so much! Didn’t take any photos. Were too hungry. Strange though cos i had quite alot for lunch. But no snack in between.

We ate “Tai Chau”, in other words, rice with dishes, no rice for me though. DIET!! Anyway, we ordered, wait..or rather my grandparents ordered (Note to self: must reach restaurant first next time so that grandma doesn’t overdo on the orders):

  • Deep fried fish with tomato sauce: was good. They asked them to fry extra crunchy. was worth it cos it was pretty big and only RM 15. (Fei Chau Fish)
  • Stir fried brinjals with dried shrimp(RM 6): my favourite!
  • Thai-style fried tofu (RM6): Grandpa’s fav. Quite nice. Tofu is the soft type. Sauce is very appetizing
  • Kam Heong Lala (Clams)(RM 10): The sauce is oily but oh so tasty..Yummy.. I was just sucking on the shells cos of the sauce
  • Fried egg with bitter gourd (RM5): Surprisingly, i think the egg took the bitterness of the bitter gourd away. As good as the first time i tried it.

As you can see, the prices are very very reasonable and the food is tasty. Ate so much though.. So much for dieting. Btw, Pik San said i became rounder!!!! 😦

Still had to finish my meal at home with two prunes ( really does help you with your “No. 2”)

This morning, ate my “biskut pintar” or plaited biscuits. Cheong Hoong makes really good ones. But it’s gonna expire, that’s why i’ve been eating it every morning before my workout.

After waking up at 6.20am, got on my treadmill and ran. But halfway during my first 7 mins., nature called. Sigh… Told you prunes work.

So i had to break my treadmill work out to 3.5 mins, 14 mins and 7mins. Haven’t been doing weights lately. But should start.

Then had cereal for breakkie..again.. but this time, topped with sunflower seed butter! wanted to try..and cos i just love it!!

cereal topped with sunflower seed butterAgain, with the leftover milk,i made my daily joe. 🙂 No pic though…i thought you’d be bored of seeing coffee in a pig mug..

This afternoon i’m headed to1 utama mall again…to collect my bottle.. stupid me..

Ta for now..



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