Was pretty excited for lunch cos was planning to try Charms cafe today since i HAD to go to the mall. Cos of OneCard, i’ll be getting one free Cucur Bawang since it’s my birthday month, or so i though.

When I arrived, i ordered the Vietnamese Coffee and asked for my Cucur Bawang. Cos the cucur bawang looks “big” in the menu.

After barely 5 mins, the lady (im not sure waitress or chef) came to me telling me that i’ve to order a main meal. I though if it was an appetizer i would have to order, i would. But a main meal?? What does she think i am? a pig? lol..

So i said it’s ok. I’ll come when i’m hungrier. She was very apologetic though cos i think several customers complained as it was not stated in the T&C.

Anyway, so I collected my bottle, walked back to the car and took my O’Briens 15% discount + cake voucher. They sent me 2 sets of vouchers! đŸ™‚ I think it’s cos i complained last year, so they wanted to make sure it reached me. Good for me then!

Anyway, I love O’Brien’s sandwiches. All so yummy. But they changed the menu and the prices increased. And i think their stricted too.. They don’t allow you to change parts of the salads you don’t like to other stuff. last time i did before, that’s why i love their salads.

So i ordered the Chicken crisp and brie wholemeal sandwich. (RM15.50) Pricey.. but nice. They ran out of cakes, so they asked me to choose whatever i wanted of the pantry. So i chose the chicken pie. Seemed worth it. But i took that away cos obviously i won’t be able to finish that. Hehe.

My sandwich took a while to come. But worth the wait!:)

Chicken crisp and brieCame with the usual serving of chips, but smaller. This sandwich is how i first fell in love with brie cheese. It doesn’t have that overpowering “stink” but it’s light and sooooo nice. And the texture is divine.

I love the ingredients in this sandwich as it makes it all worth the money (well, after the discount, that is). It had the crispy chicken crisps (I seriously do not know where to get this ingredient..if i can find it, i’ll be eating it on its own), cranberry sauce, brie, walnuts and leaves.. on toasted wholemeal bread!

So yummy.. The flavours jus blend together. The sweetness of the sauce, the lightness of the soft brie with the rich walnuts, together with the crispy chicken crisps. Ahhh..

But the portion is too big for me. Well, i AM on a diet. So tempted to eat all of it. I think i still had the stomach to do so. But i asked them to pack half of it before temptation got over me. But i did finish the chips. :p

Then i headed off to Cold Storage to buy some dried lentils/beans to make soup tonight. Too lazy to go to Tesco later, but i do want to drop by the pasar malam/night market to buy “mat toh yau” dessert!

Okay..now i’m back at the office..I should get started on the invoices.. they look kinda urgent. lol..

Ta !

Food: 8/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service:6/10* | Price: 6/10

*Sad they we’re not able to change the salad ingredients for me..aren’t croutons cheaper than capers??

One Utama
LG 349, Lower Ground Flr, Rain Forest
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
03-7726 8977


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