Sakae Sushi

12.30pm and off i headed to Sakae Sushi at 1 Utama. Since it’s my birthday week, apparently i get 20% discount. So i thought i might as well go there before the week ends.

Immediately, i ordered my ever so favourite kakiage, which is deep fried brinjals, onions, carrots and green capsicums, all julliened. I fell in love with this dish when Pik San took me here for my first visit last year. And it’s only RM1.90. Every time i come here, it’s a must for me!

KakiageAfter browsing through their other stuff, i ordered the Ura Maki (RM.5.90), sushi with salmon skin wrapped with a slice of salmon. It was nice and soft outside because of the fresh salmon and crispy on the inside. It tasted better than the first time i tried it.

Ura makiI looked at my two dishes, i thought, “this is quite small and little isn’t it?” though they were’nt all that healthy.. but yummy for sure!! Anyway, i ordered a soft shell crab (RM8.90) since i was going to get a 20 % off. (Actually, i had that yesterday at Zanmai with Pik San, but it’s a good chance to compare right? hehe)

Soft shell crabThe soft shell crab was hot and fresh! So yummy, served with ponzu sauce. I don’t use it for flavour though. I use it so that i can “drain” out some oil from the soft shel crab. It was nice, but too oily compared to Zanmai.


So, my bill came up to about RM19 something. They didn’t give me the discount because my birthday’s not recorded in the system. They took down my IC and said will contact HQ to debit the points for me. Sigh..

And guess what?

I left my bottle there. Just called them, so i’ll have to head back to collect it tomorrow..


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