I just love cereal? Don’t you? Sadly, my fav Heritage cereal has increased in price… It’s actually a very good cereal cos it’s low in calories, whole grain and it’s organic! Used to be cheap at Cold Storage (RM 12.50).. not anymore.. Now it’s RM15 something.

That’s why i chose Nestle Fitnesse as an alternative. Tastes similar. 🙂 And they were offering workout CDs. So i thought why not. It’s not as low in calories as Heritage. But its reasonable.

Nestle FitnesseSo with 3/4 cup of cereal and 1/2 cup of low fat milk, makes my breakfast:

Tip: If you don’t finish your milk when eating it with cereal, you can’t heat it up in the microwave in a cup and use it to make your coffee.. Much better tasting then using creamer. I use my leftover milk with instant Nescafe and a sweetener.

Added some prunes and a couple of nuts to end my meal..

I think should get back to work.



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