Great start, bad end

Woke up this morning. was supposed to skip running today. but since dear wasn’t around, so i stuck to my normal routine.

5.20 am: woke up & brush teeth (mind over matter as it is not easy i tell u to wake up so early) Eat 2 “biskut pintar”
5.30 am: slept back
6.15 am: Alarm rang. Press snooze button.
6.24 am: Alarm rings. Off alarm
6.30am: Start warm up and run…
So that’s my normal routine from Mon-Fri
However since dear’s leave wasn’t approved, so i decided to run since mayb next monday we’re going lagoon.
Breakfast today was plain ol’ Nestle Fitnesse cereal with milk. Leftover milk used to make me coffee.. I don’t think i can function without it. Then had a bunch of grapes.
Reached work.. Had to finish writing the addresses…And started stamping ’em. I never knew there were so many. Apparently the statements the office was mailing out were the debtors above RM 500… And there were more than 200 of them.
During lunch, i decided to go to Jumira and at the same time drop by church to pass dear’s PIHD donation. I actually called the parish office first and the lady told me they close from 12-1 for lunch. So i reached there at 1 and waited, noone was there…was annoyed. Thus, headed off to Jumira to buy the St. Christopher’s medal.
Had to call Godpa to tell me which house. Can’t believe i was so blur to spot the sign. lol.. Bought 2 St. Christopher’s medal and one St. Jude pendant.
Total spent: RM 33
Went back to church to pass dear’s donation and bumped into Fr. Anthony. So i got the medals blessed. 🙂 Kill 2 birds with one stone. 🙂
By the time i finished everything, it was 1.30 pm over and i wasn’t even on the way back. So decided to go back to office straight away and have my pathetic lunch of orange, biscuits and nuts.

I actually brought my own knife to cut the orange cos the knife in my office is just way to short. lol.
At 4.30pm, dear called me, told me he and his friends were going Genting to “celebrate”. Asked me to come along. So i thought would ask ah Po and Ah Kong when i got home.
Wanted to drop by KIP clinic on the way back, but it was closed… (need to get flu jab)
Went home..ate some snacks. Fairhaven PB candy, 2 prunes, a date and couple o’ nuts.
After some bugging, ah po allowed me to go to genting. But ah kong kept insisting “NO”. I got pissed off because of a few reasons (some is personal) one of which is that it was something i wanted to do for a long time and now when i get the chance, he disallows.
So, i’m at this point not on talking terms with him.
Followed dear and his friends out for dinner at Food Bravo at KIP. Had no mood to eat but dear asked me to eat something when i got back.
So i made myself an egg toast.

Would’nt call it a french toast cos it’s only a slice and it has no PB. Wanted to put, but kinda forgot.
Made it with one egg, one slice of sourdough bread (bought from USJ Patisfrance), salt & pepper, and some dried parsley. Doing some experimenting with herbs. Hehe.
It wasn’t bad. But not salty enough for me. So added some dark soy sauce i bought from Bintulu.
Ended my meal with the PB candy again. I just love it so much. But must control. lol.
Still have a list of things to do which i haven’t done. Really no mood to do it after work..
-Wash toilet & Mop flr
-Clean room (which will be messed up again)
-Start researching on Final year project (kinda a long-term to-do -list item)
-several other things but not on my mind.
sleepy sleepy time..another new day begins tomorrow.


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