Have been delaying my posts cos been busy…8/8 was me bday! πŸ™‚
Anyway, thank God. This year, it was such a wonderful birthday! Having spent it with the people i love is the greatest gift of all..
On Saturday, me, Akak Jack, Ah po and Kong, and my dear went to Divine Mercy for mass. Then headed off to Pizza Uno for my bday dinner with Akak Jean & Carol!!
Sadly didn’t take any pics cos we were all hungry pigs and gobbled up the food.. hehe.
Anyway, we all ate two pizzas, 3 pastas, i ordered the miserable tiny portion grilled vege salad costing RM18.. Taste wise good. but portion is like tapas instead of actual salad. Thus, Akak Carol ordered another pasta primavera for me.. πŸ™‚
Then, we headed off to Starbucks for drinks. Akak Jean had vouchers for all of us. Ordered 7 drinks and 3 cakes, one of which i akak put a candle on and the whole family sang happy bday 2 me!!!
I’ll update on what my family got me for me bday, but this is what dear got me.

I so love the flowers . The best ever. They bloomed beautifully. The pig mug is cute, and is microwave safe. Tried it this morning. Kinda 2 replace the other “i love you mug” which broke a couple of times.. 😦 Dear asked me to throw.. “Never” i said. Hehe.. Means too much to me.
Anyway, that’s all for 8/8..



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