Post Bday

Today, me and dear had breakfast at home. I had my bread and sunflower seed butter (yum) and dear had cereal and eggs. Then headed off to Old Town for some good ol’ coffee.

Had light breakfast cos at 12.30pm we were going to Unique Seafood for Dim Sum (50% off on Sundays). Didn;t take any photos though. Dim Sum was nice, but pricey. I still miss Grandma’s Kitchen which closed down (Uptown). Anyway, what i like most at Unique was their Fried Carrot Cake (Char Lo Bak Kou) and Egg Tart!

Dear promised me anywhere i wanted to go for my bday. He suggested Hulu Langat cos Chris told him there was a nice view. So i researched and stumbled upon Bread and Olives cafe.

And what a view it was. View from Bread and Olives

So beautiful! Even better than Bukit Permai.

I have more pics. But food first!!

Fortunately i made a booking, so we got like the best seats!

The menu is mainly Meditteranean-ish and Lebanese-ish. Prices are not more than RM40. Quite reasonable. Dear missed out the tenderloin. only RM32. Reasonable.

After staring at the menu for a long time, i decided not to order the appetizers / salads cos of yesterday’s experience at Pizza Uno. (The very tiny “Grilled Veg Salad” .

I opted for a Grilled Fish with veg & Jasmine green Tea and dear opted for the 1/4 roasted chicken and Diet Coke.

While waiting, we walked around and admired the view of KL city. It just rained, so it was very clear.View outside the cafe

Our food came almost the same time.

1/4 Roasted Chicken with Briyani Rice and saladDear’s chicken came with the briyani rice which is supposedly what Bread and Olive’s famous for. I had some. Quite nice. Chicken was alright but a tad too dry.

Grilled fish w/sauteed buttered vegMy fish was ordinary fillet fish. Buttered veg was nice, not as oily as  i expected. I kinda ate my fish with the tomato ketchup (Heinz) provided. I’m not so fond of olives and there were some in the tomato sauce on the fish. But overall, it’s not too bad..

Decided to order dessert when i saw my fav dessert! Any type of crumble, and here serves Apple banana crumble. Or was it peach banana, whatever it is, as long as its a crumble.

This took an awful long time cos there was a big crowd coming in and they were short-handed.  And i think they forgot about for a bit cos when it came, the ice-cream kinda melted.

Apple/Peach banana crumble w/ice creamAs seen, the ice-cream had melted. I quickly pushed it to one side before it made the crumble soggy.

I didn’t eat the ice-cream, but the crumble was great! not overly sweet and not overly sour like the one at Delicious. This was niiiicccee.. I loved it. It was crunchy and not soggy though some ice-cream melted on it. Dear also said it was good. I ate most of it.. hehe.. well, it’s my bday! haha

The bill came up to RM63 something. Pretty alright for a place with such a view!


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