Tokyo G

Anyone who goes to 1u as often as me would know that sushigroove has changed to Tokyo G… I don’t understand why they did so, and i will never. Anyway, i went there to check it out about a month ago cos one of the waiters gave me the voucher, in a shape of a watch, saying that i get one free RM8.90 rolls (forgot the name) without prior orders. Only catch is that i’ve to dine in.

Well, the look of the restaurant seemed the same. The menu definitely scaled down. Price didn’t.

I notice that the waitress/er tends to squat when taking your orders. LOL

Anyway, i ordered the salmon skin roll (RM8.90) which would be fee cos of the voucher. The food took quite a while to come though..

The salmon skin roll was nice. Salmon skin was crispy! yum.. No complaints. Portion is reasonable. but look at the price..

I thought eating this would keep me full enough, but i was still pretty hungry. So i looked through their menu and ordered a sushi which had cooked salmon and spinach wraped around deep-fried inary (RM10.90). It said it would be crispy, so i took my chances.

It was tasty i must say. But not crispy enough. Hehe.. I actually agree with them that their food doesn’t really require any sauce because it tastes good on its own.

Overall, the food here is tasty, food service abit slow, price high..

Price: 5/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 6/10 (Workers were polite but food took a while to come)
Ambience: 8/10
Tokyo G
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