so so sleepy

Don’t know why, but when i got t0 work today, i just felt too lazy + tired to do anything. Yet, i had to…haih…
So much work to do as well.. All of a sudden, i feel that my workoad has strangely increased over the past few days…And i have to do that envelope thing again!!1:'(
Anyway, this morning, i had the quaker oat chocolate drink for bfast with milk. Don’t really like it though. Milo is still a better bet 4 me. And ate my homemade (made by yours truly) peanut butter biscuit and a Faircandy peanut butter candy (they were reduced for sale at Cold storage, or else, i wouldn’t have bought them)..
Then i dragged myself to work..I think i almost fell asleep on the wheel…
Did SO much work..(I think their like making me work a normal clerk’s work, just that they give me crap allowance and an internship title.
Then, on the dot, when the Virus scanner came up on my computer (Everyday at 1230pm), took out my so called lunch..
Had one apple first, then ate the rest of my cashews and peanuts mix which i bring to work. Then ate the Taste of Nature Exotics Carribean Blueberry Fields bar which i bought yesterday. And now, i’m drinking the K20 protein water to keep me full… Diet

Been eating too much and spending too much. So it’s a good way to save $$ and diet ma!hehe
The bar was nice. Not to sweet like the Kelloggs 90 calorie bar. And the K20 is alrite.. Starting to feel full. But it doesn’t dissolve well in the water. And i suggest it be drunk cold. it’s iced tea i guess that’s a hint. lol..

Anyway, i know, pathetic lunch. Well, that’s what you get for being a pathetic lowly paid intern.

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