Apartment (Set lunch) carbo loading

I know i seems that i am revisiting the same places again, well, i actually wanna try the set lunch before they come of the menu. It happens quite often that when i wanna try something, i somehow don’t get to due to unforseen cicumstances. Anyway, thus i went to apartment yesterday. At the same time i bought some flower seeds for my garden from Ace hardware at Ikano.

I was contemplating whether i should use up my Starbucks voucher from my aunt, or go try the set lunch. As with the title, i chose the latter.

Apartment’s set lunch comes with 3 prices, either RM13.90, RM15.90 and RM23.90. Comes with a main course, soup and salad.

I chose the smoked salmon wrap set since i love love love love love smoked salmon.

Again, i had the complimentary bread. This time the brad was huge, but no caramelly looking butter. Just regular plain ol’ butter.

I finished it though. hehe..cos the soup came.

The soup was alright. Looks pretty small, but quite a substansial amount. Ate some of it with the bread. If i’ve not mistaken, it tastes like the lentil and vegetable soup i bought from Tesco’s range of light choices. Except more parsley and black pepper. Quite nice. But personally, i like my soup chunky instead of pureed.

The salad was really small. I don’t even think it can even be considered as a side salad. The salad was alright. Nothing wonderful. Difficult to eat though with the bowl blocking my way.

And came the smoked salmon wrap. So much hand-fried chips!!!!! I love them. Can you see now why i say that i carbo-loaded during this lunch? The bread, the chips, the wrap???

Anyway, i found the tortilla wrap abit bland in taste on its own. And the mayo or whatever whitish sauce that came with it was diluted as well. The smoked salmon is not as good as expected. Again, for some reason lacked in flavour. Don’t know why. It had avacado in it, and onions. Overall, the wrap was okay, but can’t beat O’briens sandwiches.

The service was once again, quite good. This time, they offered me water though i didn’t order and didn’t charge me this time. šŸ™‚ i know..kiasuness..

Oh..and the chips..Quite nice la.. wondermilk‘s still better.. The chips kinda tasted like the malay one’s bought in packets. Don’t really fancy them.

Is this set lunch worth it..Well.not after service and govt tax.. It came up to RM17.50.. Doesn’t sound as nice as RM15.90 does it? well, its all in the mind..

Price: 6/10

Food: 6/10

Ambience: 8/10

Service: 8/10

the apartment cafe & restaurant
Lot 72, 73 & 74, 152ground floor (next to TGI Fridays)western courtyard,the curve shopping centremutiara damansara
opening hours: 11am to 10pm


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