+wondermilk Revisit (2)

Yesterday, i decided to go to +wondermilk again since it was a weekday (RM12.90) set lunch..Thank God i found a parking. Considering its uptown D’sara.

Today, there weren’t as many people as my first visit..well, better for me cos it means faster food rite?

This time i ordered the Honey mustard chicken (RM12.90 ala carte), Lemon crush wonder cooler (can’t change to wondermilk 😦 ) and the cookies and cream maxi. Been reading online that their cookies and cream maxi is good.

So first again they give you is your drink + cupcake.

Lemon crush wondercooler

The drink was alright. i prefer the passion surprise though (they ran out of it..). Nothing to shout about. Kinda like sprite and a bit of lemon. which i highly think it is.

I didn’t eat my cupcake first this time cos i wanted to leave my sweets at the end. So i waited for my sandwich. It didn’t take as long this time.

Honey mustard chicken sandwich on multigrain bread
The sandwich was nice. But again, i preferred the grilled veg w/aioli. The chicken was a bit dry. I think they used chicken breast. I’m not sure if the sauce was honey mustard though. I thought it would be yellowish brownish..but it was white with specks of herbs/pepper. Tasted more like mayo. Was alrite on the whole. Still love the hand-fried chips..:)

I was pretty full after finishing the sandwich (yes, i know..gluttony). Anywho, i still attacked the cupcake. But before doing so, i dropped it..told u it was difficult to remove the paper. And i dropped it on its frosting side!!!!so sad… however, i picked it up, dabbed the frosting with my tissue and wiped the frosting of the floor and sulked for awhile before continuing with my cupcake..

Cookies and cream dream maxi

The cupcake was as good as people claim it to be. It was filled with still-crunchy oreo cookies. Ithink it’s much more impressive than the peanut butter maxi during my first visit.

Overall, I still prefer the grilled vege sandwich and passion surprise. But cookies and cream maxi is definitely better. However, i was not disappointed in any way.

Oh, i forgot to comment, the only disappointing factor about +wondermilk is the service. Sadly, i don’t find the people that friendly. I mean, considering the look of the place and price, you would expect something better. Oh well…food’s good..hehe..price…affordable as a treat for oneself.:)

Food: 7/10 (better during first visit)
Price: 6/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 6/10 (not so friendly, and don’t let you change drink though the wondermilk is cheaper..hehe..but i suppose i should understand since i was wonce a part-time waitress)

+wondermilk shop & cafe
39 & 41 jalan ss 21/1A
damansara utama
47400 petaling jayaselangor, malaysia

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