Finally, proper access to put up a proper post about food..hehe..

Went to +wondermilk today and last week. Read about it in a couple of blogs.. So finally, went there for lunch during work..Mostly cos of their totally WORTH it promo..
Maxi cupcake + Wonder cooler + sandwich/baked potato.. but cannot change wonder cooler to wondermilk tho..Really wanted to try their wondermilk..
My first visit, i ordered the grilled vege sandwich as i love love love EGGPLANTS and also they served it with multigrain bread.. i’m trying to stay “healthy”..hehe..Also ordered the passion surprise cooler (RM 8.90 ala carte…i think..forgive if i’m wrong) and the peanut butter cupcake…i love love love PNUT BUTTER..well..actually..i love peanuts. Anyway.. The whole set is RM 12.90..so worth it cos the sandwich itself if RM 11.90…
The first thing i got was my cute cute cup cake and my drink..

Passion surprise

My drink was quite nice.. i like the bits of passion fruit in it.. not too sweet, not to sour.. but i can tell it’s kinda artificial..well..what to expect if it doesn’t say FRESH FRUIT JUICE right?
Then was my cute cupcake.. The sandwich took abit of time though.. was hungry, so decided to try the cupcake.. Cupcake alone is RM 4.50..pretty pricey.. I would not buy it on it’s own.. Cupcake chic costs the same, but its like triple the size..

Peanut butter maxi

The cupcake was decent. Sweet enough.. But no actual Pnuts in the cupcake. I would have expected a more peanut buttery taste in the cupcake, but can’t seem to find that around. Most places just use peanut butter frosting..
One problem though, a bit difficult to remove the paper from the cupcake and actually consume it..Well, that’s if you;re like me, who likes to use hands when it comes to eating.. (Yes, i’m not all that lady like…It is said that it tastes nicer when using hands. :p)

Grilled Vege sandwich
The portion is the right amount for what one is paying when it comes to the sandwich (unlike the cupcake). It came with what i suspect is Burt’s hand-fried chips. but i may be wrong. But must i say…They were GOOD. I can tell it’s not your ol’ pringles or whatever chips made out of ‘potato flour’. The sandwich was just as good. The flavours of the vegetables blended well and the eggplant tasted goooood… unlike many “western’ styled ones i’ve tasted before which tasted weird, +wondermilk’s one was delicious.
The set lunch is worth a try. That’s why i went again today, for which i will update in another post..:)

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