the apartment

I know there were several complaints about this place, their service, and food. Even my aunt told me not to go there. But after surfing the net, i saw that they had a new menu, and one of the foods listed was crab cakes..yummy…tried that at outback good..

Hence, after work on saturday, i was supposed to go tesco to buy some stuff to cook soup on sunday…so i dropped by

for lunch..:)

I was greeted by a friendly waitress. Asked her about the new menu . Apparently, their food were mostly (not sure if ALL) are from JAmie Oliver. She was like, have you heard of him? I was like hell yeah.. He’s like on my top 5 of my favourite chefs.. hehe.. That really attracted me..
Then i ask her about the portion for the crab cakes.. The price was RM 9.90 small, RM15.90 big.. She said it was around 5 cm (she didn’t say 5 cm..but she was eye-balling with her hands ) in diameter and about 4-5 pieces.. So i thought, why not.. Decent for a ‘light diet-friendly’ lunch..hehe..So, in i walked..

The place was nice. I really liked the concept of it ever since they opened. The prices on the menu were pretty pricey, for such simple foods we see Jamie Oliver making on tv. I did recognize some of the dishes.

After taking my order for just crab cakes and warm water, they let me keep the menu for further decisions in case i do want to order a dessert. Yes, i was so tempted by the apple and pear crumble.. But i chose to ignore it… growing fat

 First thing to my surprise was complimentary bread.


Complimentary bread for 2 pax (as stated on the receipt) with caramel butter

Apparently, it was for 2 pax..Though i went alone, they gave me that. But to me, if another was with me, i wouldn’e share…Hehe.. i just love bread. But it’s not free flow like Italliannies though..
The bread was nice.. but not the caramel butter. I thought it was peanut butter when i first saw it and i was delighted. But turned out to be caramel butter.. I ate all of it though (God said waste not).. But the caramel butter wasn’t swee enough.. 😦

It was a while after my crab cakes came. But i did not want to go around peeking at the magazines. Felt weird cos i’d be the only one walking around. But service was better than what was mentioned by many. I think they changed their waiters/waitresses to people who can speak better.

crab cakes
I was shocked when i saw the crab cakes.. only 4 measely pieces, unlike the 4-5 pieces..and the were smaller than how the waitress described to me.. So sad..Felt like it was a rip off. The taste was alright. It was actually crab, potato, salmon cakes. The sauce was nice. Tangy and teeny weeny bit spicy.. But i still prefer outback steakhouse. Bigger and filled with crab. I’m a purist..hehe..

Overall, the crab cakes disappointed me in terms of portion. But service was alright.

Food: 6/10 (Small portion)
Price: 5/10 (Pricey)
Ambience: 8/10

The Apartment
The Curve,
Muriara Damansara


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