i know…

i know this blog is supposedly about food….well..i haven’t got the time to load up on pictures…have been busy….by the time work’s over, i head to dinner with gramps. Then go home, and start my workout. By the time that’s done, it’s time to bathe..And after that, i’m to darn tired to do anything…

i’m being forced into working on saturdays…Though alternate, but i think it’s unfair as both the 5-day position and 5.5 day position pays the same. My travelling allowance barely covers, and now they want me to work an extra .5 day. i know i seem to be making a big deal out of it, but :

1. my gramps are old and sickly. Already they’re fetching me 5days a week..now another day??

2. my travelling allowance’s a miserable RM300…What a rip off..cheap labour, as pik san (college friend) says…kind of regret now.. Angeline earns more then me at zanmai..and i earn more at bel pasto last time. And at bel pasto, i worked when i want..

3. My boss gives me a pity story that there’s noone to do the invoices. But if there’s noone doing them, what were they doing before i came along? i guess she…but now since they’ve got me as cheap labour, why not force an intern whose gramps (who are not young!) to fetch her to work so that she or her subordinate won’t have to do them…

4. I’m not rich..therefore, if i do work on saturday, i won’t be going home after work even though it ends at 1. It’s not worth making the trip back home, thus..it means i’ll be out from 8am to 10pm… (i have church and family dinner on saturdays).

Anyway, i just regret it. I don’t really think i’m learning much. The work they give me to do, they do not tell me the meaning of it.. Just memorizing steps of what to key in and what not. And a hell load of filing.

That day, they asked me to put 119 statements into 119 envelopes and write 119 addresses on the 119 envelopes, then glue the 119 envelopes and stick 119 stamps on the 119 envelopes…

So, i do not really recommend anyone to take up an internship. Work as a waitress part time during your break. You earn more.


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